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Crazy Bear Fitzrovia

Our first London venue opened in 2004, surpassing every expectation in terms of popularity and accolades including: The Evening Standard's best bar of the year award Theme Magazine's best designed and best operated bar The Times' runner up for best bar in Southern England The Crazy Bear Fitzrovia has also been awarded best restaurant by The London Lifestyle Awards, and best Thai restaurant in London by Bookatable.

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This was by far the worst experience I have ever had in a restaurant. My friend had booked Crazy Bear for her 25th birthday celebration for 10 people to have dinner. We were shown to a booth table with a ceiling and back that resembled a crypt and was very clearly for 6 people at maximum. When we brought this up with the manager, we were told that 'Fiona did the booking', not him, and so he couldn't be held responsible and if it were up to him he would never put 10 people in the booth. Despite this, he seated us anyway and told us that there was nowhere else we could sit and reminded us again this was Fiona's fault. When we were all seated and had our drinks, already the table was full without any food on it and it was very uncomfortably hot. As the food started to arrive, the waitress and manager were standing at the end of our table holding food, or passing it to me, leaving me or another of our guests to serve out food. By the end of the dinner we had practically worked a shift as they refused to actually place plates on the table. If this wasn't already bad enough, the waitress then spilled an unidentified drink all over one of our guests meaning her suede boots were covered in a white liquid. There was no apology made by the manager or any sort of offer from a senior member of staff. We then ordered more drinks which we waited 45 minutes for before asking again, at which point we were brought the wrong drinks. Whenever new food came, we had to send other food back without having finished it as there was no physical way it could be placed on the table. 2 of our guests ended up having to put their plates in their laps, and one guest ended up having food spilt all over them as the table was so full. When the £700 bill came, I asked the manager if there was something he could do about the fact that my friend's birthday had been ruined by this meal from the table to the service, and he told me again that it wasn't his problem. After hours of speaking to the general manager where we were never apologised to, we were accused of lying about the amount of people we booked for and we were told that the CCTV would have to be checked to see if our guest 'provoked' the wine spilling, we eventually got some money off the bill. The service we encountered at Crazy Bear was the worst I have ever experienced. It would have been bad enough having to go through this dinner, but what made it truly shambolic was the way senior management deemed it appropriate to deal with complaints. I didn't hear one apology, I was accused of lying multiple times, and every member of staff was simply trying to shift blame. Crazy Bear has always had a good reputation but I would rather be mauled by a crazy bear than return to this place. Please save your money and eat anywhere else.

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Yawn ^

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